The moment you break down crying.You hold in everything until the moment you are finally alone in your room. You go to school, put up with all the people from school, you have to hold in your feelings and tears until you get home from school, your relationship with someone is now going down hill, then you have to deal with the shit your parents are giving you. One problem became something so much more to handle, every little thing in your life is going completely wrong and the moment you finally get time to be alone and catch a breather, you just sit there and break down thinking about everything
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Happy Valentine’s Day to all my followers !
I love you all


Today I went to go pick up my 6 year old niece from school. I was driving my moms brand new Mercedes convertible and I was pretty excited about it. So as I pulled up I see my niece waiting for me outside so I screeched to a stop and yelled “GET IN LOSER WE’RE GOING SHOPPING.” Her teacher was standing nearby and was clearly shocked that I would talk to a child like that. I have never been more proud when my niece climbed into the car and said, “That. Was. So. Fetch.”

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